Category: Vinegars

Black Garlic Balsamic Vinegar

100 ml $9.00 375 ml $19.95 750 ml $37.95 Black Garlic is processed over several weeks by heating the whole garlic bulb, which results in “black” cloves. This slow roasted development produces notes of sweet nuttiness. The sophisticated taste is smooth and soft with a sharpness that adds depth to any dish it is prepared […]

Black Currant Balsamic Vinegar

Yet another selection that has our customers saying “WOW”. It is very sweet with a low 4.5% acidity level for a smooth finish. The Olive Tap’s Black Currant Balsamic Vinegar has a very complex taste that will delight the palate when used on all kinds of salads and fruits and as a glaze for meats. […]

Garlic Cilantro Balsamic Vinegar

Clearly a popular flavored balsamic vinegar at The Olive Tap. This has been the essence of fresh garlic and cilantro added. It is so rich it tastes like slow roasted garlic. Garlic Cilantro Balsamic Vinegar is an excellent all around choice for a drizzle over rice, on top of tacos, or the popular taco salad. […]

Fig Habanero Balsamic vinegar

Sweet with very slight undertones of habanero, this is a great compliment to cheeses, salads, and as a glaze on pork, chicken, or roasted vegetables (especially Brussels Sprouts!) Try Fig Habanero Balsamic Vinegar on bold lettuce, such as arugula, spinach, or romaine, paired with goat, blue, or feta cheese. 100 ml $9.00 375 ml $19.95 […]

Thyme Infused White Balsamic Vinegar

Our New Thyme Infused White Balsamic Vinegar is bursting with notes of endless bundles of earthy thyme. The flavor is sweet, floral, and balanced with a full presence of freshly picked thyme with a leafy vegetable finish. Use this in brines for the winter season for turkey and chicken, as well as drizzling over roasted […]

Truffle Balsamic Vinegar

Our Truffle Balsamic Vinegar is infused with essence of truffles. The result is a sweet-tart, balsamic with rich, earthy aromas, complex flavor and a balanced acidity. Use it in dressings and marinades. Add a splash to risotto or antipasti. Brush on chicken or pork as a glaze. Drizzle over hard cheese or enjoy it as […]

Lemon White Riserva Balsamic Vinegar

The Olive Tap’s Lemon White Riserva is significantly thicker and intensely sweeter than typical with Balsamic Vinegars. It exhibit a golden hue that absolutely explodes with the taste of freshly squeezed Italian lemons! This Balsamic is a perfect, refreshing choice to top a mixed green salad featuring fruits, nuts, and robust cheeses When used with […]

Pink Grapefruit Balsamic Vinegar

The Pino Nero grape variety produces earthy, but elegant rosé wines that are cool, crisp, and dry. The delightful crispness of this wine not only translates seamlessly into vinegar, but it blends beautifully with pink grapefruit. Bursting with a tangy fruitiness, Pink Grapefruit rosé balsamic is especially delicious with bitter greens and fennel. It makes […]

Gochujang Balsamic Vinegar

Gochu-what? Gochujang is a traditional Koren Fermented red chili paste that has been transformed into a wonderfully unique vinegar! A powerful kick of fermented heat is followed by a subtle sweetness. You’re going to love using this spicy, savory, and sweet Gochujang Infused White Balsamic in all of your Asian-inspired dishes and more! Try it […]

Orange Mango Balsamic Vinegar

Enjoy a taste of the tropics with this fruity blend of flavors, in this rich, dense, and sweet Balsamic Vinegar. The flavors of Mango and Orange give a tropical flair to any creative salad, and combines extremely well with our Lime and Lemon Olive Oils. It will produce excellent glazes for pork, seafood, and shellfish […]