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Italian Meatloaf

Ingredients: 2 T. The Olive Tap’s 100% Extra Virgin olive Oil 1 red pepper, seeded and diced small 1 onion, diced small 2 t. garlic, minced (about 3 cloves) 1 lb. ground beef 2 eggs 3/4 C. bread crumbs 1 C. grated parmesan cheese 2 T. The Olive Tap’s Aceto Balsamico di Modena, 4 Leaf Quality 2 […]

Mario’s Tomato Soup

Ingredients: 2 cans (400 gr.) Carmelina Whole Tomatoes1 tbsp.The Olive Tap’s  Roasted Garlic Olive Oil2 tbsp. The Olive Tap’s Italiano 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil2 tsp. chopped fresh ginger1 large onion, coarsely chopped1/2 tsp. ground cumin2 1/4 cups chicken brothSalt and sugar to taste Directions: Puree the canned tomatoes in a blender. Heat the Olive Oil in […]

Dark Chocolate Balsamic Crazy Caked

Ingredients: • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour• 1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder• 1 cup sugar• 1 tsp baking soda• 1/2 tsp kosher salt• 2 tsp Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar• 1 tsp vanilla extract• 1/3 cup Walnut Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil • 1 cup coffee or water Directions: • Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease an 8-inch square glass pan.  […]

Black Garlic Balsamic Vinegar

100 ml $9.00 375 ml $19.95 750 ml $37.95 Black Garlic is processed over several weeks by heating the whole garlic bulb, which results in “black” cloves. This slow roasted development produces notes of sweet nuttiness. The sophisticated taste is smooth and soft with a sharpness that adds depth to any dish it is prepared […]

Black Currant Balsamic Vinegar

Yet another selection that has our customers saying “WOW”. It is very sweet with a low 4.5% acidity level for a smooth finish. The Olive Tap’s Black Currant Balsamic Vinegar has a very complex taste that will delight the palate when used on all kinds of salads and fruits and as a glaze for meats. […]

Sesame Oil

This delicious oil from Japan may just be the best tasting sesame oil we have ever come across.  The roasting process brings out the delicious taste of sesame that is crucial to oriental cooking and many contemporary fusion dishes.  This versatile oil is a must have in any “foodie” kitchen. Sesame oil is used in […]

Walnut Oil

With a mouth watering flavor and an extremely healthy profile, our French Roasted Walnut Oil is simply divine. Handcrafted following 150-year-old French traditional methods, walnuts are slowly roasted to perfection, expeller-pressed and lightly filtered.  Full of Omega 3 and natural antioxidants, Walnut Oil is an excellent source of healthy fats.  Certainly a must in the […]

White Truffle Olive Oil

Artisan-produced in Italy by steeping premium Truffles in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, this oil has become a customer favorite! Found commonly throughout Europe, truckles (fungi in genera Tuber and Terfezia family) live in close proximity to the roots of specific trees and are harvested with the aid of female pigs or dogs that are able […]

Garlic Cilantro Balsamic Vinegar

Clearly a popular flavored balsamic vinegar at The Olive Tap. This has been the essence of fresh garlic and cilantro added. It is so rich it tastes like slow roasted garlic. Garlic Cilantro Balsamic Vinegar is an excellent all around choice for a drizzle over rice, on top of tacos, or the popular taco salad. […]

Fig Habanero Balsamic vinegar

Sweet with very slight undertones of habanero, this is a great compliment to cheeses, salads, and as a glaze on pork, chicken, or roasted vegetables (especially Brussels Sprouts!) Try Fig Habanero Balsamic Vinegar on bold lettuce, such as arugula, spinach, or romaine, paired with goat, blue, or feta cheese. 100 ml $9.00 375 ml $19.95 […]