Custom Bottling and Personalization

Our customized bottles are perfect for:

  • Bridal and Wedding Showers
  • Wedding Favors
  • Special Occasions
  • Corporate/Business Events
  • Restaurants
  • Holiday Gifts
  • Just about Any Occasion

Use our Standard Olive Tap label (as seen in the above photos) and personalize your message.  As shown above:

The 100ml bottles can have personalized text on two of the three sided label panels (one side will have product information).

The 250ml bottles have a label on just the front of the bottle (the product information is on a small label on the back of the bottle)

Minimum Order Quantities:

  • 100 ml. – 20 bottles
  • 100 ml. 2-Pack – 20 pairings
  • 250 ml. – 20 bottles

(Custom Color labels may be available for 100ml bottles at an additional cost)
Contact us for pricing. There is a separate charge for shipping.