Mandarin Orange White Balsamic Vinegar

Believed by many to be the most delicious variety of Orange, Satsuma Mandarin Oranges have a sweet-tart flavor that when blended with premium White Balsamic Vinegar is incomparable. Chefs know that this so-called “Honey Citrus” is superior to all others, and that its flavor gently offsets the bitterness of salad greens. This rich, fruity and complex Balsamic Vinegar of Modena will pair up with all EVOO’s, and most of our herbal selections for delicious vinaigrettes for everyday salads. We love it with Roasted Sesame Oil!

Satsuma Orange Balsamic Vinegar can easily be drizzled over steamed or roasted vegetables, and fruit. Grilled/roasted chicken, shrimp and seafood can get a mouth watering sweet-sour zing by sprinkling a small amount on just before serving.

100 ml$10.00
375 ml$21.95
750 ml$43.90

Perfect Pairings:

Roasted Sesame Oil

Habanero Olive Oil

Sorrento Orange Olive Oil

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Sweetness Scale:  4

Use by Date:  2 Years from Purchase Date

Source:  Modena, Italy