Cranberry Agretti Wine Vinegar

Our Agretti Fruit Wine Vinegars, a product of Italy, combine grape must, aged wine vinegar and fresh fruit puree. Cranberries picked at their best ripening point and optimal sweetness, are used to marry the sweetness of the grape must and the pleasant tang of aged wine vinegar.  Cranberry Agretti is a perfect selection for lovers of cranberries with the refreshing sweet tart profile of aged wine vinegar.  

Use Agretti Fruit Wine Vinegars in marinating, cooking, finishing and dressing. They work well on salads, to glaze meats, to add flavor when marinating and are a delicate, yet flavor filled accompaniment to aged cheeses and fruit salads. Pair with your favorite Olive Tap Olive Oil.

100 ml$10.00
375 ml$20.95
750 ml$41.90

Perfect Pairing:

Tuscan Herb Olive Oil

Use by Date:  2 Years from Purchase Date

Source:  Italy