Apple Cider Vinegar

The best tasting Apple Cider Vinegar you can find!  One taste and you’ll know The Olive Tap’s Apple Cider Vinegar is like none you have ever tried before.  It is made in Modena, Italy using locally grown apples, and is fermented and aged in wooden Balsamic Vinegar Barrels.   It is unpasteurized, and contains no artificial flavors or additives.  Unlike a lot of weak, harsh and acidic versions on the market, The Olive Tap’s Apple Cider Vinegar gets just a touch of sweetness from the aging process.  It is not too sour and not too sweet, just perfectly balanced.

Get all the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar in a complex and smooth product that will add delicious flavor to salads and various recipes.  Make a delicious vinaigrette by combining our Barrel Aged Apple Cider Vinegar with any of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

100 ml$10.00
375 ml$19.95
750 ml$39.90

Best by Date:  2 Years from Purchase Date

Source:  Modena, Italy