Picholine 100% EVOO

This is medium intensity-almost robust oil with great balance and many complex flavors. it has some light ripe fruit character, but the aroma and taste are dominated by spicy, green, herbaceous flavors such as:

Grass, green apple, mint, black pepper and cinnamon. It is very crisp and clean with a nice, fresh zing. This fine specimen is ideally served with dishes of Southern France.

While it can be used to lightly saute vegetables and is very acceptable as seasoned dipping oil, it is best suited on salads and served over your favorite dishes. Try it drizzled lightly on plain or wild rice, mushroom and pea risotto or rice pilaf.

100 ml$9.00
375 ml$19.95
750 ml$37.95

Perfect Pairings:

Pairs with any Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and any Wine Vinegar.  Check out our “Perfect Pairings”.  

Use by Date:  Best within 6-12 months from Purchase Date

Source:  Italy