One of our most popular items, this is an absolute must have for anyone that appreciates fine olive oils. From olives picked and pressed in late 2020, this superior grade, robust EVOO is a fine example of the exquisite oils that hail from Umbria.

Milled with pride by a family of artisans in a small village near Spoleto, it is an incredibly delicious and complex oil made from spicy and herbaceous Frantoio, Leccino and Maraiolo olives. You can expect a fruity and rich aroma of fresh olives complimented by aromatic herbs.

Fruity at first, the flavor is redolent of artichokes and almonds. The finish is spicy, thanks to a generous amount of heart healthy , cancer fighting antioxidants. Use it unheated on salads, drizzled over bruschetta, vegetable, hearty meats, soups and stew. Try a piece of warm, crusty bread dipped into some Novello and Parmesan!

100 ml$9.00
375 ml$19.95
750 ml$37.95

Perfect Pairings:

Pairs with any Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and any Wine Vinegar.  Check out our “Perfect Pairings”.  

Use by Date:  Best within 6-12 months from Purchase Date

Source:  Umbria, Italy