Kalamata 100% EVOO

Produced on a small family estate, this olive oil will be a special treat for those fond of Kalamata olives. These organically grown olives are so highly valued for eating, only a small amount is reserved for EVOO production. This producer has won many awards, primarily because they hand harvest early and place quality above all else. Harvested in November 2020, 163 Polyphenol level. This is a sweet, low intensity oil.

This green-golden colored EVOO has a floral aroma, a creamy and buttery texture, and a light olive fruit flavor. It will be a star in any salad recipe, paired with all types of Vinegars. It is a legendary ingredient in Chicken and Lamb dishes that can also feature Lemon and Oregano.

* as with all of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils, this Koroneiki is Unflitered and sediment of olive pulp and particles is natural – shake if desired

100 ml$10.00
375 ml$20.95
750 ml$41.90

Perfect Pairings:

Pairs with any Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and any Wine Vinegar.  Check out our “Perfect Pairings”.

Use by Date:  12 months from Purchase Date

Source:  Greece