Jarred Goods

How can an Olive Oil and Vinegar shop not carry some of the best imported olives? There isn’t much better than some jarred goods, marinating in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Check out our imported jarred goods line to add some authenticity to your meal.

Green Olives in Salamoia $9.25

Olive All’ Amaro $10.50

Pitted Kalamata Olives $8.65

Black Olive Cream in Oil $8.50

Caperberries in Wine $8.35

Smoked and Dried Sweet Pepper Powder $9.95

Tuna Chunks with Hot Chili Pepper in Olive Oil $9.25

Artichoke Hearts Romana Style in Olive Oil $8.25

Mixed Grilled Vegetables Mix in Olive Oil $7.25

Kalamata Sun Dried Figs $6.25